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i live & breathe music

Jai Paul - Jasmine 

You’re definitely going to want this turn this one up high… “Jasmine” is saturated with rich bass and smooth guitar. Jai Paul has done it again- made an absolute perfect track. I was obsessed with his last single BTSTU…this British singer/producer knows how make a song sound so sexy and sensual. “Jasmine” dropped Friday evening via XL- perfect driving through the city of LA. So into it right now. 

The Weeknd - XO / The Host

The Weeknd - XO / The Host

The Weeknd dropped a mixtape, Echoes of Silence on December 21 and holy fuck it is good. I mean I’m not surprised, but geez this guy blows me away. So sexy, erotic and beautiful. This song is on repeat, for sure.